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Why Tunis Air Are the WORST Airline I Have Ever Flown With

June 19, 2015 7:12 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

“Tunis Air is an anagram of… U s*it air!!” – Jonny Blair, 2015

You might have read my rant before about  5 SHIT airlines, but I’m now delighted to add TUNIS AIR to the sh*t list!! Lol! They are by far the worst airline I have ever flown with. It was a calamity of errors from day 1 with them. Firstly, I couldnt’ book the flight online. You need to go through an agent, or use a TUNISIAN credit card. Obviously since I’m not fucking Tunisian, I don’t have a Tunisian credit card. I emailed them to ask them how I can pay them and book a flight and their reply gave me a link BACK to their homepage with something like “full details here”. The details weren’t there, and they ignored my email reply. I wasn’t going to phone them – they’re in Tunisia and they were hardly going to cover my phone costs. But because their flight to Algiers was so much cheaper than the other airlines, I perservered and was eventually able to book the flight through an agent based in England. Phew! Then I spent 9 days in Tunisia and headed to Tunis airport to get my flight out. Sounds easy? I have a ticket 😉

BUT when I arrived at the airport in Tunis, TUNISIA after celebrating my 100th country, TUNIS AIR said my flight was FULL. I was two hours 35 minutes early for the flight, at the check in desk. With a valid flight ticket that I had paid for. But sorry sir, you can’t get on the flight (the same thing was said to 6/7 others around me, all of whom could speak Arabic and much better French than me).

Why Tunis Air Are the WORST Airline I Have Ever Flown With

Why Tunis Air Are the WORST Airline I Have Ever Flown With

Then they wouldn’t let any of us check in our bags and said they were unable to print us boarding passes as they had filled the plane allocation (23 rows, all boarding passes had been issued).

Being the Northern Ireland non genius that I am, I posed the ridiculous idea about a “bigger plane”, call me crazy!

I was flying to Algiers in Algeria, a 1 hour flight. They claimed they had overbooked the aeroplane. Great. My short time in Algeria due to their London Embassy’s visa office being strict. was going to be cut even shorter. Then when they magically found a flight big enough (completely rude inept staff by the way), they wouldn’t let me check my big bag in. I hated this idea. They were rude to me. They finally gave me my boarding pass and magically squeezed all of us onto a seat on the plane, but my baggage couldn’t go through the main belt. I had paid for my flight ages ago and now I was told to take my bag to Excess Baggage and that I had just 45 minutes to board my flight. F**king fantastic.

By the Tunis Air counter with the inept staff

By the Tunis Air counter with the inept staff

I get to the Excess Baggage in a hurry and the rudest airport attendant of all time greets me. A Tunis Air wanker. He looks at my boarding pass and then tells me to put my backpack on the floor. Yes, on the floor not on the belt. I am immediately suspicious so myself and my girlfriend take numerous photos of my bag, the labels and me by the belt that I am not allowed to put my bag on. Ridiculous. I’m in a hurry too. I race through departures, pay my departure tax only to find my flight is delayed by a further 2 hours now. 2 hours waiting in departures. I feel reluctant to buy a beer in this airport as some of the money may go to Tunis Air, but I’m using up my Tunisian Dinars, so I buy one. I relax with my beer because at least by this stage the Tunis Air wanker should have put my bag through. The flight leaves around 2 hours later than billed, no qualms about that of course (I’m used to it). They then change my seat number and make me stand at a desk by the plane. I am the last one on the plane and they have treated me like poo poo from a toilet, or even worse, dogs dirt from a park!

“You’re shit and you know you are” – British football fans at the opposition team.

I land in Algeria, and no sign of my bag – they tell me it didn’t arrive. Just what I expected from such wankerish staff. Great. The next day I am flying again onward to Barcelona (due to ineptitude of the Algerian Visa officials in London I am on a transit visa). I arrive in Barcelona. Still no bag nor any explanation from TUNIS Air. I file my report with a UK phone number on it and wait by my phone. The staff at Barcelona airport had already told me to wait for 3 hours for the next flight from Tunis or Algiers to see if my bag is on it. So I do. My bag is not on either flight. Liars. I head to my cousin Paul’s flat and Paul and his wife Nuria treat me so well for a few days, even lending me toothpaste and clothes. Amazing! In the meantime, still no call from Tunisair but a representative from Swissport calls to say my bag will be on the 4pm flight. Excellent so I head back to Barcelona airport to collect my bag. Nope, it’s not on that flight. I have now wasted hours on the phone, on transport, on emails and money on transport, food, clothes, toiletries etc. Money that is not mine, but Tunis Air ‘s.

I backpack through Spain for two weeks with the same clothes and bag and I smell disgusting. Tunis Air do not even contact me ONCE. NOT ONCE. At Madrid a phonecall I make to Swissport tells me that Tunis Air have ensured my bag would be on “flight x” to Madrid! Brilliant. So again, I head to Madrid Airport. Guess what my bag is not there! I have never been to Madrid airport before, and on this occassion I tour all 4 terminals looking for my bag. I waste a whole day there. I saw nothing of Madrid.

I have to phone them again and have no option but to go for the jugular – Tunis Air in Tunis. It is no surprise that they are masturbating on the phone when I call them. They are pure fire wankers LOL!! And I clock up £100 worth of calls and up to £2000 worth of money owed due to problems from the lack of my backpack for the next month.

Tunis Air eejits lost my bag but the worst part is their non existent customer service and rudeness

Tunis Air eejits lost my bag but the worst part is their non existent customer service and rudeness

Eventually they send my backpack to Belfast City George Best Airport, so I then have to book another flight back there in the hope of picking it up! Crazy stuff. In short – Tunis Air still owe me £2000 and are refusing to even answer my calls and emails. I hope they go bankrupt. Avoid using them please.



So here are ten reasons to hate Tunis Air:

1. Their staff are wan*ers!
2. Their staff are liars!
3. They don’t allow you to book online on their own website unless you have a Tunisian Credit Card!
4. Their customer service is similar to excretion from a dog!
5. They told me my flight was FULL!
6. They lost my bag and they will lose yours (don’t keep the faith, they ain’t got any).
7. They told me my bag was in Barcelona. It wasn’t.
8. They told me my bag was in Madrid. It wasn’t.
9. They refused to contact me even once when they lost my bag. If I didn’t do the chasing, I would never have seen my bag again.
10.They owe me £2000 and as expected haven’t even bothered to reply to my emails, never mind pay me my money back! Twats LOL!

So fellow travellers, please let me know what airline companies you think are terrible. For me Tunis Air suck the most willy and please please avoid them!

I will be doing a few more negative posts in future as sometimes my travel stuff just seems a bit too happy and we all know that a lifestyle of travel isn’t really like that! It’s a life of ups and downs and I want to give you the good and bad stuff from my journeys especially poo poo companies like Tunis Air!

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