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The Coolest Flight Routes Around the World

December 5, 2017 2:07 pm    |    by Jonny Blair
As a long term traveller, perpetual tourist, backpacking junkie and pure sightseeing addict, it is inevitable that sometimes I will embark on some cool flight routes and some unusual journeys. Today I pick out 5 of the coolest and most enjoyable flight routes I have taken in my time.

The Coolest Flight Routes Around the World

1.Guyana (Georgetown to Kaieteur Falls)
The legendary aeroplane route from Georgetown to the splendid Kaieteur Falls will always rank high. Views are simply superb as your plane drifts into the Amazon basin region and over this gorgeous waterfall.


2.England – France (London to Paris)
Sometimes the obvious journeys are the best and the speed and shortness of taking flights from London to Paris never ceases to amaze me. Often as soon as it feels like we have just left London, the crew are telling us we are already on the descent into Paris!

Backpacking in France – Paris.

3.Anywhere to Belfast, Northern Ireland!
To be honest the flight I love the most is flying into Belfast in Northern Ireland, be it the George Best Belfast City airport or the Aldergrove International Airport. It’s the country I grew up in and so I always feel proud and sentimental flying back in. Plus both Belfast airports are small and easy to navigate so no long queues, annoying buck eejit stewards or confusion.

Christmas in Belfast City, Northern Ireland

Christmas in Belfast City, Northern Ireland

4.Arrival in South Africa (Johannesburg)
2011 was my first ever time in Africa and I chose Johannesburg as the first airport to arrive into. Some people are put off by the long flight times and distances and often worry about jetlag, but when you look at the map, for example a  flight from London to Johannesburg is almost a straight line down, so you won’t feel any time zone change, just feel tired after the trip.

Backpacking in South Africa

5.Hong Kong to Singapore
As I’m no fan of over-backpacked hub Bangkok, I try to avoid it if I can when I am in Asia. While Bangkok might be one of the worst cities in the world for a tourist and an over-hyped rear end exit, the nearby hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong are superb. In fact, Singapore’s Changi Airport on its own is a whole tourist resort with the range of things to do, but again flights between these town cities are great if you want to avoid the likes of Thailand and Cambodia.

Whackpacking in Hong Kong

So what are you waiting for? Get your next flights booked and head out into the sunset, and don’t forget your camera!

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