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The Best Train Journeys in Europe

January 23, 2018 8:51 pm    |    by Jonny Blair
Noemi Tipney and Jonny Blair in Debrecen Hungary

The Best Train Journeys in Europe

Down the years as a traveller, I have enjoyed many and various train journeys all over Europe. It is hard therefore to choose my best ones, but today I thought why not compile a list of my favourite train journeys. I must have backpacked about 40 European countries in Europe alone. Some of these were to very obscure and unusual parts of Europe including Moldova’s capital Chisinau and the Belarussian city of Bobruisk. Yes I have been backpacking in Bobruisk by train. But when I had to pick my best journeys, these ones clearly came out on top.

The Best Train Journeys in Europe

1.Austria to Hungary Train

We have all heard about the Austro-Hungary empire. But how about backpacking by train across the border? And how about doing it in style at high speed??? I was able to organise Vienna to budapest high-speed train tickets and off I went. In Hungary I toured Debrecen, Szolnok and Budapest also by train. In Austria, I stuck to the capital city Vienna as well as doing a Sound of Music tour and backpacking in Salzburg.

Train journeys

2.Czech Republic

The famous Lock in Lee and I backpacked in Prague in 2007 and it was a crazy lunatic journey that took me here. As well as using buses, I also arranged Trains from budapest to prague and organised to catch up with Lee in Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital. We partied in Prague city, we watched football, met some cool people and generally backpacked it hardcore.

Lee and I in Prague

3.France to Monaco Border

Is this a border? Yes it is! You can even get your passport stamped in Monaco so this proves that it is a real country. It is famous for the Monaco Grand Prix. What is cool is that you can arrive into Monte Carlo by train from nearby Nice.

Monaco passport stamp

France to Monaco train

4.Gdynia to Warszawa

Undoubtedly it was the calm waters of Poland’s wonderful coastal town of Gdynia in 2016 that cemented my love for Poland and my decision to stay here. There are so many cool trains options in Poland, a country which borders 7 other countries. I recommend the Gdynia to Warsaw route with a potential side trip to Starogard Gdanski.

Backpacking in Poland again

5.Belfast to Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is one of Europe’s best countries to visit. But many tourists neglect the train journeys here. One amazing route to do is to head from Belfast (home of Glentoran FC and the Titanic) to the second biggest city – sometimes called Stroke City – this is Londonderry/ Derry. While on Northern Irish trains, admire the beautiful countryside.

Northern Ireland – in Donaghadee with Rocky the dog


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