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Best 5 Places in Uzbekistan For Tourists

September 23, 2016 7:29 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Uzbekistan can be a tricky visa to get, but once you have it, you will be excited to make your most of your time in this wonderful country. It is a huge country with a lot to see and do. From the remote region of Karakalpakstan, right across to the Tajikistan border and from the southern border with Afghanistan all the way north to the Kazakhstan border, you will be pleasantly surprised and inspired on this crazy journey. Here are the top 5 spots in Uzbekistan for tourists. Be sure to include these in your Uzbekistan travel advisory service and itinerary.

Best places to check out in Uzbekistan

Best places to check out in Uzbekistan

The buzzing capital of Uzbekistan is sure worth a few days. You can stay in an ex Soviet Hotel in the downtown area, you can view the amazing museum of heroic Amir Temur and best of all you can see an original script version of the famous Qoran. Tashkent is also a lively capital at night and attracts the most ex patriots too so you can see the international flair here.



The glowing city of Samarkand is world famous in travel magazines. Boasting the famous Registan – a hat trick of intricate Islamic buildings which are so photogenic you could spend hours here. Aside from this is a huge market, the home of a famous astronomer and Amir Temur’s tomb. It’s a marvellous city to dedicate a few days to.

Bukhara is on the Silk Road and famous for its old town, untouched buildings and general “passer by” feel. Lots of tourists use it as a half way point between Samarkand and Khiva and to me, this seems a great bet. A good way to save time and still enjoy a brace of days in an epic Uzbek city.



If you are overlanding into Turkmenistan, Khiva makes a really interesting stop over point. Althought its closer to Turkmenistan than nearby Urgench, the road across the border is far from obvious. The hardest thing to factor in is securing your visa for Turkmenistan. It’s a tough beast to get!

Last but not least on this crazy list for Uzbekistan is the city of Termiz. This one actually works as a border route in and out of Afghanistan so it is also on the Silk Road. One of the marvels in Termiz is the Hotel Sorxan Atlantic – a real Soviet Union style hotel that survives to this day. It’s a truly wacky place on your journey and another reason why tourists love travelling round Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has so much to offer any tourist and is still very much underestimated so get there soon before everybody does!

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