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Top Four Features Vacationers Look for in a Log Cabin Rental

January 10, 2017 10:53 am    |    by Jonny Blair
Top Four Features Vacationers Look for in a Log Cabin Rental

Top Four Features Vacationers Look for in a Log Cabin Rental

Today, many vacationers prefer to stay in a log cabin as opposed to a hotel or lodge. They enjoy the privacy of staying in a log cabin located in a scenic area. There are other appealing features that many vacationers look for when booking log cabin rentals for a weekend getaway or for an entire season. Look at the top five features vacationers look for in a rented log cabin.


Today, staying in a log cabin doesn’t mean guests have to forgo the amenities. Many vacationers who book a log cabin look for amenities such as HD television, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, barbecue and hot tub. They enjoy the combination of rustic surroundings and the creature comforts of life.

A Lovely View

For lots of people, part of the fun of staying in a log cabin is taking in the view. So, a wonderful view of a lake, a tree-covered hill or the mountains is a must-have for many vacationers. In addition to being a great backdrop for a fun vacation, a tremendous view gives vacationers the opportunity to observe birds, deer, bear and other wildlife that make their home in the area.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

A pet-friendly log cabin is something that many individuals look for when it comes time to take a vacation. They want their pet along with them so they can fully enjoy their vacation without worrying about the health and safety of their dog or cat. Pet-friendly accommodations are designed to make pets as well as their owners comfortable throughout their stay.

Proximity to a Town or City

A great number of vacationers want to stay in a log cabin located near a town or city. They want to be able to explore the shops, restaurants and entertainment available in the area around the cabin. In addition to those businesses, some vacationers search for a log cabin located near a grocery store so they can fill their kitchen with food, drinks and other items they’ll enjoy during their stay.

Finally, individuals who like to stay in a log cabins over vacation appreciate the ability to contact the owner or manager of the cabin at any time. If a question or issue comes up, most guests want to know they can get answers in a timely way.

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