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The Best Winter Sun Destinations

November 27, 2017 5:41 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

The Best Winter Sun Destinations

Winter in the UK can be grim. It is cold, damp and generally no fun.  Dark early mornings, dark early evenings it can feel like you only ever see daylight when you are at work chained to your desk.  Getting away with some much-needed winter sun can really break up the long months before Spring arrives once more, so here are some of the top winter sun destinations for 2017.

Valletta, Malta

It won’t offer you steamy, sultry temperatures in the high 20’s during winter but Malta is still a lot more appealing than Britain.  You even find 6 hours of sunshine that is warming, and there is not much rain to dampen your spirit.  It is set in the Mediterranean though so it will be warm enough to recline on the beach, swim in the crystal blue waters or have a look at some of the historical sights on offer.

Backpacking in Valletta, Malta

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

If you really want to sizzle this winter you will have to head further afield, to the Southern Hemisphere to be precise.  In Brazil, you will undoubtedly find glorious sun, and our winter is slap bang in their dry season so you shouldn’t need to pack your waterproofs either.  Stunning scenery and the chances to swim with dolphins are all waiting for those who visit.  UNESCO World Heritage has earmarked the islands to prevent any damage to this amazing archipelago.

Ready for the World Cup in Brazil

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Even though this is still classed as Northern Europe, you can expect to find the best in warm weather, and the distance from the UK makes it massively popular with Brits.  Temperatures should remain in the mid 20’s which is warm enough to catch some rays or just enjoy the fantastic location.  Waterparks and beaches combine with excellent places to eat, so you will never be short of things to do while you are here.  Expect to feel authentically Spanish while you are there.

Backpacking in Spain

Flying From the UK

There are quieter spells in UK airports during the winter but be warned that December takes things to a whole new level of crazy.  Airports can become quite unpleasant places to be, so consider a November or January break to miss the Christmas madness.  Flights do get delayed, and while it is less frequent in these months, it is of course still a possibility.  Be prepared to have your plans disrupted with a delay and understand what you can do about it.  Once you have been delayed for 2 hours, you should find the airport staff rallying to implement the compensation protocol.  At this stage you are looking at things like meal vouchers and if appropriate communication channels being made available for you to contact friends and family who need to know you are going to be running late. Should you still be waiting for hours three or four you are now in compensation territory and, you can make a formal flight compensation claim once you are back from your holiday, so be sure to check that out.

Backpacking Through England: Historical London

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