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Self Catering Ideas For Visiting London, England

August 2, 2017 2:16 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Self-catering holidays offer a level of privacy and flexibility that is not available when you stay at a hotel. You don’t have to keep to rigid meal times or dress for breakfast and dinner, which can be useful in places like London, notorious for its rush hour tubes! With self catering, you have more space to move around in, and you’re not confined to one room. They provide a relaxed and intimate base for your vacation. Enjoy your holiday to the max by following our simple guide. I thought I would compile some of my best self catering ideas for London in England, as hotel prices can be steep.

london tubes

Self Catering Ideas For Visiting London, England

1. Gather as much information about your accommodation as you can.
What kitchen equipment will be provided? Will there be cleaning accessories and other sundries? What about bedding and towels? Will you have access to a washing machine or maid service? Typical London houses might include all of these things and more. But smaller chalets may just provide the basics. Knowing exactly what is provided before you travel will help you to pack accordingly.

My old flat in England – go self catering

2. Research the area before you travel.
Before your holiday research the surrounding area carefully. If you’re going abroad, then your luggage will be limited. Plus, there will be restrictions on food. Having a good grasp of shops and amenities will save time and allow you to prepare accordingly. Some holidays may provide a welcome basket. Depending on the location, you may be able to book an online shop to be delivered when you arrive.

When researching the locality, make sure you become familiar with the local eateries. A big part of the experience is about sampling local culture and cuisine. Immerse yourself in local traditions as much as you can. Find out what is within walking distance and what is slightly further afield. Check out local transport or consider renting a car for the duration.

Self catering in London, England.

3. Young Families
If you have a young family, find out whether cots and high chairs are included. Safety may also be a factor. For example, if the apartment or villa has a swimming pool is this fenced off? What activities are available for children. Check both the venue and the surrounding area.

4. Sharing
It’s a good idea to find out whether any of the accommodations amenities will be shared with other holidaymakers. Your romantic getaway for two looks very different if you have to share the garden and the pool with the rowdy family next door.

Camden Market – great place for hippies

5. Local Nightly Entertainment
If you read about some of our articles on nights out, you’ll know entertainment is important. Bars, nightclubs and pubs are great fun for meeting new people. For raunchier times, check out the teasing spots in Soho, massage parlours of Leicester Square and the stylish I loved the hippy district of Camden too!

Hippy street life in Camden

6. Cleaning or Not?
Some holiday homes stipulate that you either have to clean before you leave or pay extra. It is worth finding out their policies. If you intend to clean before you leave, make sure you are aware of checking out times to leave yourself enough time at the end of the holiday. Luxury holiday homes may provide a maid service, and so this may not be a consideration.

The idea of a holiday is that you can relax. You don’t want to think about cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. The practicalities are for everyday life. Doing your homework and a little advance prep will help you avoid being caught unaware. This will allow you to get down to the business of enjoying your time away.

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