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My Craziest Love Stories From Backpacking the World

August 23, 2017 1:23 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

When you travel the world for years on end, you end up with many stories. It is rare for me to share them on here, but now I decided I am single again so it is time again, having been into adult dating again recently. Sure I found love for real on my journeys, time and time again, but that can break your heart eventually. When I grew up in Northern Ireland, I delved into local dating a lot, and often used County Tyrone dating to secure nights on the rip with Ulster ladies. I didn’t want to name too many people on here as I realise it can cause issues, but some of this has been touched on before, so here goes.

My Craziest Love Stories

So on my journey here are three love stories for you.

1.Backpacking Taiwan
My first taste of an Asian lady came on the streets of Kaohsiung in Taiwan at 3am one night. A few too many beers, a whiskey, a game of jenga and suddenly, this petit jaded princess was stroking my penisular area in a downtown bar. It was too good to miss. With her tempting Taiwanese eyes, she lured me upstairs to a room. We sipped tea, massaged each other before getting down and dirty. It wasn’t all a dream. Within two hours I was on a bus to Taidong and had only the memory.

Touring Taiwan in 2009

2.It’s Real Love, Hong Kong
Panny was my dream girl in many ways. She loved travel, loved it. Supported everything I did and for five years we saw over 40 countries together, including visiting EVERY continent together (I included Mexico as North America in that). With had many romantic walks, meals, tours. We saw the world together and it was all bliss but despite enjoying Tunisia on my 100th country journey in 2015, our love was coming to an end. By the end of that year, our romance was over and we went our separate ways. I later learned she was living in Lithuania, not far from me in Poland. But love has passed us by now.

Panny and I in Hong Kong

3.Hungarian Dancer
I had no idea what walked into my life in November 2008 when I happened to meet a Hungarian dancer from the city of Debrecen. This girl, with the same hair and eyes as me became my first real love. I wasn’t sure I had felt this way about anyone before. We toured Hungary, Italy and England together but split after an argument on the streets of Venice. I remember the good times now, and I’m over her, but I won’t forget her charms, Noemi.

Canals and waterfront in Venice, Italy with Noemi

Aside from this, love really hurts when it doesn’t work, so we need to be carefully. Carefully, we can try local sites like Woking dating , County Durham dating, Somerset dating and even for the over 50s dating sites are also available. The regional sites often work the best as we are sure those people live or are familiar with that area, which helps, but we must not be too rushed for commitment. It can end up worse and we may regret having ever met that person, or indeed fallen in love.

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