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How To Find Love on The Road

August 22, 2017 1:58 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

When you travel the world for years on end, it can be hard to find love on your journey. Sometimes you don’t dwell or linger in a city long enough. You end up unstable and while I backpacked through North Korea, Australia, Italy, England and USA, I didn’t even find that everlasting love. You move on again and any friendships you developed are defined only via Facebook. Sure I found love for real on my journeys, time and time again, but that can break your heart eventually.

How To Find Love on The Road

So this is why many nomads and perpetual tourists are now turning to the internet to find love. Apps like Zoosk and Tinder were only good for flirting and firing your willy up a few times. You need the real thing, you need love. It’s elusive unless you work hard to love each other. So on the road – the best way to find someone, is actually ONLINE. You can use a locally based dating site in England such as London dating or Humberside dating, and even for those in Scotland, there is a cool page dedicated to Lothian dating. Once you make some connections on these sites, you can stay in touch on your travels with the new love, you can arrange future meetings and when love works, you can travel together in multiple countries.

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Finding love on the road

Here are my simple tips on finding love on the road:

1.Talk to as many girls as you can
In hostels, at events, at bus stops, in trains, at border checkpoints. I was speaking to anyone and everyone I could! The more contacts you have the more chance that one of them might just be the one for you.

2.Don’t be shy
Nothing comes to those who wait, put yourself out there. Show the girls what you’ve got. Be the best man for them. Be confident, be outgoing and don’t be shy.

How to find love on the road

3.Treat Others How You Like to Be Treated
I’m such a nice, honest and open guy and I expect all my travel friends and potential partners to be the same, so that is what I do. I treat others as I hope they treat me.

4.Invite Girls to Events
It doesn’t matter what event it is. A music festival, a coffee shop poetry night, a football match, a night Safari. Keep on inviting girls to events. One of those days, she will say yes, come along, love it and maybe just fall in love with you.

Invite her to the football

5.Know Your Geography!
There is nothing worse than going on a date and the girl sees you as a sleazy guy after a one night stand (willy in, willy out tactic), so take the hint and get to know HER region. After doing your research, hone in on the locals, for example via Warwickshire dating or Torquay dating (Torquay is the home of Helen Chamberlain let’s not forget).

Stay happy, wear condoms and good luck!

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