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Coolest Places to Visit in France

December 27, 2017 6:48 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

France has an endless list of places to visit for the eager tourist and as the world’s most visited country, it is no surprise why. But it’s not a small country from Cannes to Strasbourg to Nantes to La Rochelle, so how do you pick your destination? Time of year can be important, so can sport and budget may also play a part. But whether it is beaches or ski resorts you want, there is something for everyone in France. Here are 5 of the coolest places to visit in France, starting with the most obvious, Paris of course!

Backpacking in France – Paris.


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Most tourists are here to see Paris, once dubbed the City of Love. These days it probably attracts more tourists than any other city in the world, but this may not be a good thing. It can be over crowded at times not to mention pricey. The prices of hotels, restaurants etc. are all pumped up to a maximum. However with The Louvre, Montmartre, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomph, it is still a marvellous city to visit and you should not neglect it from your itinerary just because of the prices and busyness.



St. Malo

The coastal walled city of St. Malo is a real shock to many who visit. With its old town within the city selling great crepes, French wine and cheese, this is a quaint and tranquil city to mark on your tour. Sunset on the harbour is also magnificent. St. Malo is in Brittany so you can also get a feel for the history of this region too.

Walls of St. Malo

Les Arcs Ski Resort

France boasts many impressive mountains and ski resort. Look no further than Les Arcs! Les Arcs is a ski resort located in Savoie in the Tarentaise Valley town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Keen Skiers simply love les Arcs in France and flock here year after year. You can’t fail to fall in love with the French Alps and Pyrenees.

Ski-ing in France


The city of Lyon doesn’t attract as many tourists as it should but it is well worth the trip. With a huge river in the middle and a great mix of old city and new city, it is a superb place to get a feel for modern day French city life away from obvious Paris. The city was also a host venue for the World Cup and the European Championship, with the local team Olympique Lyonnaise winning the French league many times.


Marseille / Nice

Finally head to either Nice or Marseille and experience the French Riviera. You can also nip across to Monaco for a night in the famous Monte Carlo Casino and enjoy the beaches of Nice and Marseille. It’s a flambuoyant part of France with plenty of superb bars and restaurants serving both French and international cuisine.


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