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Chinese Rock That Looks Like A Dick!

November 30, 2013 9:50 am    |    by Jonny Blair

China is a marvellous country to travel in and it’s great to get off the beaten track so it was time to head to the north of the Guangdong Province on a special trip. There’s a location known as Penis Rock – it’s basically a rock in the shape of a man’s willy that you can hike up past and admire! Yes it really looks like a big dick! [


What is willy rock/Yang Yuan Stone?

Basically it’s a rock in the shape of a man’s sausage! Whatever name you want to call your penis. It is a naturally formed rock in that shape and even has the same curves at the top!

It has easy access if you happen to be Chinese. If you’re not get ready for a mega adventure trying to find this special rock!

First of all you need to get to the city of Shaoguan in North Guangdong Province. We got there from high speed train from Shenzhen. Timetable here: Shenzhen to ShaoguanLiving in Hong Kong at present, most of my China adventures start off with a border crossing into Shenzhen. To confuse you even more, Shaoguan has TWO train stations, we needed a bus between the two of them to get a connecting bus to the Danxia Mountains. Nobody really speaks English in Shaoguan, though the Chinese folk in the city are extremely hospitable and friendly.

When visiting Danxiashan you should stay in the village of Yao Tang up in the mountains. You can get a hotel there easily and it is also near another small village called Jin Jiang. This is where the walk to penis rock starts.

On the way to the Danxia mountains you need to get an entrance ticket. They will be valid for a total of 48 hours and cost 120 RMB from the ticket office before the entrance to the National Park.

You’ll need to get a map of Danxiashan and it will be entirely in Chinese so do your best to work it all out and ask at the hotel if you need to. Most of the signposts inside the national park are in English though which is a real bonus.

Head to the top of the Pavilion for sunset. The view is just stunning and well worth the trip. You can get your comedy photos of penis rock done on the way up. It’s a high climb up so take some water!

What is there? A rock that is shaped like a huge willy!

Why Go There? Amazing shaped rock formations, fantastic sunset, cheap beer, good hiking and walking, incredible views.

Daily Spending – Less than 10 US Dollars

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