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May 26, 2015 1:19 am    |    by Jonny Blair

If you are emigrating to the UK or relocating there, you will want to ensure that you are signed up for the local health care. The UK system is famous and is known as the NHS – National Health Service. NHS Registration may seem like something you can put off and do later but you shouldn’t – get it done as soon as you can. Whether it’s the unpredictable British weather, the Winter bugs that go around or the result of travelling by stuffy public transport, chances are that at some point in your time in the UK, you will fall ill. How to Register […]

May 14, 2015 8:04 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

My incredible journey to South Africa offered me some things I had never experienced before and opened my mind up to a country enjoying a tourism boom since the 2010 World Cup. I spent 3 weeks touring South Africa and these were my top 5 highlights. 1. Staying in Soweto I loved the district of Soweto. This is a world famous township. I was able to stay in the classic Soweto Backpackers with local entrepreneur Lebo. I toured Nelson Mandela’s House, the Hector Pieterson Museum and went on a bicycle tour. It was a brilliant place to stay and I met some cool people in […]

May 13, 2015 5:37 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Who doesn’t like to travel? People simply love seeing new places, visiting local attractions, indulging in cultures, learning new languages and enjoying exciting experiences. There are so many reasons to travel, and everyone has different motive for it. This big world offers a lot to be explored and travelling presents the opportunity to discover it. The best way to gain insight into a new culture is to completely immerse yourself with the locals. Every country has its own traditional food which visitors are curious to taste. However, many countries around the world have one beverage in common — Coffee. There is practically no place in […]

May 5, 2015 3:13 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

If you live in New York City, or are planning to visit there soon, you may well be wondering what the latest season of current events has in store for you. After all, New York City truly is the city that never sleeps. No matter what sort of interest really turns you one, one thing is clear: You’re never at a lack for exciting opportunities in the Big Apple. So get out there, and find your happy place in New York tonight! A Life Time Of Great Events, Each And Every Month If you’re really wondering what to do in New York, there is a place […]