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September 28, 2014 12:05 am    |    by Jonny Blair

Situated on the Essequibo River  opposite the township of Bartica, Sloth Island is happy to be Nature’s very own  paradise.  In 1997 the swampy island was rediscovered by bird watcher and enthusiastic entrepreneur R. Ades who turned the uninhabited, inhospitable island into his very personal haven of tranquility .Time would flow by with the rhythm of the waves of the Essequibo river  while .magnetic and magical was the discovery of nature’s secrets including the many birds,unknown species of  trees, the tropical rain ,the hot sun, the tides,the lively  monkeys,the enigmatic sloths,the six o,clock bee,the howlers in close proximity, the friendly paddling Amerindians.    It just became […]