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August 27, 2014 9:55 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Are we all hardcore backpackers? Not a chance! I backpacked with Mum and Dad recently and I really discovered backpacking and travelling can be taken slow, as you get older. For some, retirement is beckoning and now it is time for you to do all the things you have dreamed about doing on a full-time basis instead of just on the occasional break from work. For people who have always made the most of their vacations and tried new and adventurous activities, the thought of settling down to a quiet life may be abhorrent, but retirement does not mean that you have to spend your days […]

August 25, 2014 10:39 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Top 4 Tips for Restauranting by Hoang Thanh Binh What is the best part of traveling? Surprisingly, it is eating. As I look at the best attraction in town, 9 out of 10 are restaurants. So, what are we looking for at the restaurant? 1) Customer’s Service It is not a big surprise with this but first impression is really important. Nice, warm welcome is going to attach more customers. It feels like part of the family and so the food tastes nicer. If you see Master Chef or anything on YouTube, there are plenty of cooking recipe out there. Everyone can cook but not […]

August 21, 2014 4:39 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Those who are planning to spend some time exploring Europe will find that one of the best ways to travel is by rail. Rail passengers are able to relax in comfort and enjoy the views as they pass from one country to the next. Why Europe? Despite the fact that all the European countries are so closely linked, each one has a very distinct identity, so within a matter of hours, several different cultures can be experienced at close quarters. InterRailing has become a popular gap year option for students before they head off to university, but there are also many older people discovering the […]

4:28 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Those people who are interested in sports may wish to combine a vacation with a tour of some of the most significant sporting cities in America, a country that, thanks to its football and baseball, can be said to be almost defined by its sporting heritage. The top cities to visit Just what defines a sporting super city? To be included in this very select group, a city must have a minimum of two professional sport teams in one of the four major sports – football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Plus as a Brit, we also get to add “soccer” as the fifth sport now! […]

August 19, 2014 5:54 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

Traveling abroad gives the opportunity to appreciate other cultures and obviously have a good time. One of the world’s great cities well worth a visit is the Japanese capital Tokyo. The metropolitan area of Tokyo has a population in excess of 12 million, but that figure mushrooms to around three times that figure for Greater Tokyo, making it one of the largest populated urban areas in the world, which can be bewildering for the stranger.   Another major difference likely to baffle visitors is the language. Japanese is from a completely different linguistic family than English and while the written language looks very picturesque it does not have an alphabet as English speakers know it. These differences, however, should be […]

August 15, 2014 4:16 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

People have many reasons to travel and it’s the diversity of those reasons that makes it such an interesting society. While some travellers want to see the most beautiful natural features of the world and others want to visit the most interesting cultural heritage highlights of the world, there are some of us who just want to see the biggest, tallest, greatest, oldest etc. of what the world has to offer. If you are planning to visit dubai you can apply for dubai visa online. Here are some of my tips from the United Arab Emriates, North Korea and beyond. The Tallest Buildings Many countries in the […]

August 14, 2014 10:45 am    |    by Jonny Blair

Antarctica is the 5th largest continent, which is the windiest and coldest of all continents. It is almost completely covered in ice with temperatures as low as -80 C. Even though this location is extremely cold, people still choose to take cruises to explore the area.You can spend some unforgettable moments picking budget cruise deals that will take you to this part of the world. There are a variety of packages to choose from. No matter which cruise you take, you can set it against your budget and still enjoy cheap travel.With the help of the World Wide Web, you will find numerous polar cruise […]

August 8, 2014 4:46 pm    |    by Jonny Blair

The impossible made possible? Flying can be a tiring, stressful, and costly business, but the final destination is more often than not totally worth it all, isn’t it? All of the above can be easily navigated – tiredness eventually fades, stress can be combated by being up to date with your flight information before you leave, organised, and making sure everything is in place, and costs can be cut with a bit of shrewd thinking, and more pre-planning. You might have just had the experience of backpacking through Iraq and need some comfort on your next flight. Have you noticed that the price you see for […]

August 6, 2014 2:22 am    |    by Jonny Blair

This is a post I never thought I’d write. I remember staying at the completely horrendous Hotel Ushuaia in Argentina in 2010. It was a hotel from the Fawlty Towers repertoire complete with their own Basil Fawlty. However this week, it got worse. Heading to Rio in Brazil for the World Cup Final had me bouyant and after weeks of hostels, flat shares, airport floors and night buses, I was looking forward to staying in a FOUR STAR hotel. That’s right – a budget backpacker in a 4 star. However, unbelieveably this four star ended up being worse than all the other hotels, hostels and […]